T H A I   Y O G A B O D Y W O R K  |   specialty sessions

Sona's offering of Thai Yoga Bodywork is a unique blend of therapeutic modalities. Combining elements of Thai Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics + Qi Healing, the goal of each session is to nurture the recipient towards their natural state of balance.

Private Sessions

$85/ 60 minutes  |  $225 for a package of 3 sessions (paid in full) 

A Thai Yoga Bodywork session provides holistic care in one hour!  Thai Yoga, a period of Qi transmission and integrative rest are included.  Please visit the Thai Yoga Private Session page for more information. During your initial session,  I will focus on getting to know how your body and energy moves. It may take several sessions before you acclimate to fully release your weight and relax.  Even so, you will still enjoy an array of benefits with your first session.  I recommend several sessions to begin, followed by monthly or seasonal tune-up sessions. With regular sessions you will experience more balance and integration in your life.  

Prenatal   +   Postnatal Sessions

Thai Yoga Bodywork is a wonderful way to support your journey into motherhood.  Each session is tailored to your needs and most women are delighted to know that the session is performed fully clothed on a padded mat with supportive cushions.  With pregnancy typically comes a heightened awareness; each session will support you in staying balanced and holding true to you and your baby's needs.  

PRENATAL SESSIONS:   Appropriate during 2nd and 3rd trimesters.  The blossoming mama's needs are paramount in this gentler practice that promotes relaxation, stress release, and groundedness.  Techniques are applied specific to the pregnant woman’s aches (i.e. sciatic, low/mid-back) while restoring a sense of rest and well being.  You will be propped on pillows and bolsters or laying on your side as I work the feet, legs, hips, back, shoulders and neck to support this time in your life.  

POSTNATAL SESSIONS:   4-6 weeks postpartum.  Doctor’s OK prior.  
This session is designed to support women in their transition, physically, energetically, and emotionally--from pregnancy to motherhood.   Specifically designed to release knots in the upper back and shoulders from breastfeeding and/or holding baby, I also incorporate a long hip/back sequence to help gently and safely adjust the pelvis and spine from the physical stresses of pregnancy.  Light abdominal massage will improve muscle tone, restore hormonal balance and create a sense of emotional well being. 

Retreats or Corporate Sessions

Do you have an upcoming workplace or women's retreat? Providing Thai Yoga Bodywork sessions for your attendees is a service I would love to offer.
I provided Thai Yoga Bodywork services in the corporate setting for several years at two esteemed companies, SAS Institute and Quintiles. References available.

Couple's Thai Yoga Introduction

$175/2 hours,  suitable for beginners.

Would you like an effortless and oil free, fully-clothed way to care for one another?  Couple's Thai Yoga provides couples with an opportunity to discover genuine compassionate touch.  In this 2-hour experiential session, you will receive a brief introduction to the history/intention of Thai Yoga along with direct, hands-on instruction for Thai Yoga techniques.  You will use your hands, elbows, feet and knees to stretch, relax and renew your partner with love and kindness.  Thai Yoga offers such great benefit to each person, both in the role of giver and receiver.  The goal of each session is to foster an intimacy and openness between partners in a calm, relaxing and encouraging atmosphere.  It is a fun and interactive method for couples who want to have the tools to care for each other more often, or even every now and then. Each individual will give/receive a 45 minute treatment.  To learn more, click here.