M E T T A   |   kind words

In the spirit of the Thai word metta — loving-kindness, benevolence, and well-wishing, I most humbly share these testimonials from my clients in hopes that it will provide you with a better understanding of what I offer.

Metta is a universal love, an all-embracing love. I like to think of metta as the simple act of well-wishing. Pick some phrases that resonate with you: may I be peaceful; may you be free from suffering; may all beings be safe and happy. I love the effect that switching to metta has. All judgment dissolves.

I practice metta by just looking at a person and silently saying, "I love you." When I do, I feel genuine love for strangers. I see that we share this life with its joys and its sorrows, and we share this planet with its beauty and its troubles. The best way to cultivate metta is to recognize that all beings, including those who we dislike or disagree with, want to feel whole.


Sona, you brought so much grace and love into my life, and I could never thank you enough for that. I hold so many memories of Sunday mornings with you and the wisdom and inspiration you shared, and the New Year’s Eve ceremony that I so desperately needed at a pretty dark time in my life. And then the Thai Yoga experience when I burst into tears! Thank you for taking such sweet care of your students.
— JEN B.
I have been a casual yogi for 14 years, and yoga in Sona’s classes was one of only two times I felt I had the perfect yoga experience. The flow Sona used in her classes was challenging and often I would break a sweat, but I would always leave feeling relaxed and flexible. She dependably followed each tough pose with a counter stretching pose, and used flows that incorporated every part of the body. Her classes went beyond the exercise only: she was a master at using the right amount of touch and interaction with her students, chose great, non-cliché music, and read quotes from books that inspired her. We will miss her in Raleigh!
Sona was able to move my body in a way that was 100% tailored to my specific movement patterns. Her healing touch not only stretched and kneaded my tight muscles, but her calming presence left me with a sense of being held and nourished on an energetic level. Her yoga and dance background shine through as she takes your body through the most luxurious assisted yoga session EVER! I left feeling spacious and refreshed for days. If you’re looking for that post-yoga glow without having to lift a finger, Sona is your girl.
Sona designed a Couple’s Thai Yoga session for my boyfriend and I to learn to practice on each other. Neither of us had any previous experience with Thai Yoga, yet Sona’s clear instruction and demonstration gave us a foundation for a practice that we can do at home together. After my partner and I had each experienced the giver and receiver role, we felt connected to each other like never before. A session with Sona is more than just a way to relax—her deep knowledge of the body and attention to the spirit will leave you feeling healed and rejuvenated.
Thank you for all your instruction and care over these recent years. You are a true jewel. Each session with you is really quite an experience, made so by your care, attention and skill. I feel dramatically better the rest of the day and beyond. You have some amazing skills and instincts.
Had my first appointment with Sona today and it was AMAZING. My body feels stretched, open, and elongated. I loved her technique and ability to listen to the needs of my body. Book an appointment ASAP. She’s wonderful! :)
My visit to this studio was so rewarding! What struck me initially was how I felt walking in - the studio is such a safe, loving and healing space. During the session, Sona weaved her beautiful energy, love for this work and passionate strength as she worked on me.

When in pain or discomfort of any sort I always wish I could separate that part, rinse it out, fix it and put it back together! Well, that’s exactly how I felt at the end of my session with Sona. I walked out a rejuvenated person. I would highly recommend this healing experience without a doubt. Thank you Sona, you are such a gift.
Sona is an incredibly talented practitioner who is sensitive to the unique needs of her clients and brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice. I have had a few therapeutic sessions from her and always feel rejuvenated and deeply relaxed afterwards. I highly recommend her!!
This is truly the best gift someone can give their body, mind and spirit. Sona is truly a talented practitioner, and my first session was an epiphany of epic proportions. It was a life-changing experience, and I highly recommend that ANYBODY try it.
Thank you again for a spectacular class yesterday. You are a dynamic teacher and it’s always rewarding to be able to attend. The sequencing was really creative and effective. I left feeling grounded, present, energized. You’ve got a gift! Thanks for sharing it with us.
That wonderful class was like a five course meal that started and ended with dessert. Perfection!!
I started Thai Yoga with Sona when I hit about Week 22 in my pregnancy... and it absolutely saved me! I had the traditional aches and pains associated with pregnancy, and through her gentle massage and stretching techniques, I felt like a new person each time I left her studio. Not only did it help me physically (I felt re-energized and lighter) but it was also very beneficial to my mental clarity and peace of mind. I would highly recommend visiting Sona as much as possible during pregnancy once you are out of the first trimester!
Don’t think of Thai Yoga as only yoga or only massage. It combines the best aspects of both practices, but most importantly, introduces a spiritual element as well. Through Sona’s wonderfully unique journey she has learned to share her love for the greater well being of all of creation and her faith in the goodness of the human spirit in a way that can resonate with anyone she encounters. She is such a pure soul that it is hard not to feel lifted up after an extended session with her focusing that love on your spirit while she works to heal and restore your body. I am so glad to have met Sona and have had the privilege of being exposed to her God-given talents. I am so excited to see where the insights she shares through her techniques and the wellness they impart can take me on my own journey.
I am a writer. That said, I am having difficulty finding the right words to express just what an incredible experience I had in my Thai Yoga session with Sona. I am a yoga fanatic, and have been lucky enough to benefit from several hundred massages in my life from different practitioners, but nothing even remotely compares to this approach and her expertise, strength and loving kindness. But it wouldn’t matter if this was your first massage, or have never been on a mat; she will guide you through with patience and skill. It was energy work, body work, and even felt spiritual. Sona addressed my old injuries with care, and coaxed me to my very edge, stretching out my hip and back and providing relief I haven’t felt in years. I left feeling lighter and yet so very grounded, with seemingly every fiber of my being awakened, alive and renewed. But don’t take my word for it. Experience it for yourself.
— JEN B.
Let me start by saying: my very first yoga class ever was with Sona (which was amazing.) So fittingly, my very first yoga therapy experience was also with Sona. INCREDIBLE. I had no idea what to expect. Sona was able to answer all of my questions without making me feel silly. She walked me through exactly what we would be doing during our session and helped relax me every step of the way. If you’re like me, you have no idea what Thai Yoga is. Of course I googled it. But it’s truly something completely different. Imagine doing yoga, but someone moving you through all the motions, poses, & stretches. It’s like a dream. The only thing I had to consciously do was focus on my breathing (deep stretches). I travel often for work with hotel gym workouts & spin classes. But all the time spent on a plane kills my back. This is the perfect refresh for a gym nut or runner & a treat for someone who simply needs some relaxation. Completely different from your everyday massage. It’s like I hit the “restart” button. All my friends now know what they’re getting for the holidays.
Sona is deeply intuitive with bodies and their movement. Given the nature of Thai Yoga and the variety of positions to work in, there is no limit to the benefits you’ll receive. Five stars for Sona’s amazing services.
To have a client come in that has had massage all over the world including Thailand would have intimidated most, but not you. You should be proud. You are very good at what you do. You are very caring and put your sprite and soul into it. It was a pleasure and a treat to meet you.