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January 25 - May 16, 2020

Sona is a lead instructor in Tuladhara Yoga’s 200hr YTT program.  
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This life-changing experience encompasses 8 weekends over 3-1/2 months. No experience or knowledge prerequisites are required for this yoga teacher training — only a deep commitment to YOU.  

Students of all levels are encouraged to use this yoga teacher training to begin or continue a journey of personal exploration and acceptance, and to develop or enhance a current yoga practice and/or teaching.  Whether you want to deepen your practice, or become a teacher, Tuladhara's Yoga Teacher training will be an incredible experience that will be fun, challenging and transformative.

Course Curriculum

Asana (postures)
Meditation and Pranayama
Anatomy and Physiology
The Chakras and Nadis
The Bandhas
Yogic History and Modern Yoga
Yoga Philosophy (Yoga Sutras, Yamas, Niyamas)
Mythology, Mantras, Mala (Japa) and Mudras
The Art of Teaching
Teaching Tools and Cueing
The Art of Assisting
Class Design
Theming and Sequencing
Teacher Ethics
The Business of Yoga

Yoga is an experiential practice; throughout training, you will be guided through classes with faculty, as well as attend public yoga classes each week to gain insight into classroom management techniques, interaction with students, sequencing, and refining your own physical practice. You will also have ample opportunities to apply what you have learned right away through practice teaching in a supportive, nurturing community.