T H A I   Y O G A B O D Y W O R K   |   an introduction

Thai Yoga comes from the healing tradition of Ayurveda.

During the Buddha's lifetime, monks were sent to Thailand to set up temples or wats.  Here they practiced their healing arts, spreading both Buddhism and Thai Yoga throughout Thailand.  This bodywork practice, called nuad boran is the foundation of the Thai Yoga Bodywork I provide. An ancient and mystifying art form, Thai Yoga has the power to heal the body, clear the mind and uplift the spirit.  While it is challenging to describe in words, it is very easy to understand through experience.  

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Dynamic assisted-stretching, deep compressions + energy balancing are artfully combined into a rhythmic dance.

This version of bodywork and therapeutic touch is deeply relaxing, revitalizing, and hands-on. You’ll experience a series of flowing, assisted stretches, deep pressure along the body's energy meridians, and energetic balancing.  Received regularly, Thai Yoga Bodywork will increase mobility and flexibility, and reduce stress and anxiety. The experience is equally meditative and uplifting.

Each session is like hitting the reset button on your body.

Thai Yoga Bodywork is  a comprehensive, full-body treatment, starting at the feet and progressing to the head.  The practitioner uses their entire body-  thumbs, palms, elbows, feet, and knees-  to move, loosen and stretch your body, working the soft tissues (muscles, fascia, tendon, ligaments) and bringing mobility to the joints.  Recipients do not have to lift a finger - the practitioner does all of the work! Sessions are performed on a padded mat on the floor, fully clothed.

A flexible and adaptive body is necessary for performance and wellness.

A deep, unhurried manipulation and stimulation of acupressure points speeds repair of injured muscles and soft tissues + restores the body's function. Exceptionally beneficial for athletes, anyone who is in a "repetitive movement" line of work, or those who suffer from chronic tension or stiffness.  Sessions can be catered to all body types and levels of flexibility, but will be most easefully experienced by individuals who participate in a gentle yoga class without issue.  

Treatments release blocked energy, freeing the body's natural healing potential, thus restoring balance, health + harmony.

Qi healing, when combined with Thai Yoga techniques, detoxifies the body and boosts immune system function by improving circulation and flushing the lymphatic system.  In addition, muscular tension will be released and the recipient should notice a greater range of motion, unblocked energy, enhanced breathing, and a meditative, theta brain state.  The Qi healing portion of each session increases life force (called loom or lom in Thai) and allows you to integrate back into your life with a sense of groundedness and abundance, knowing that your container is full and protected.

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E F F E C T S   

  • increased awareness of the mind-body as a system

  • calmed nervous system = deep state of relaxation

  • muscle tension melts away, relief of pain and soreness

  • improved posture, balance and alignment

  • greater connection to breath

  • increased flexibility, joint mobility, suppleness

  • improved digestive processes

  • increased circulation and immune function

  • improved performance + reduced risk of injury

  • decreased recovery time between exercise

  • increased energy through detoxification


  • deep compressions

  • flowing, assisted stretches

  • gentle twists

  • abdominal massage

  • face/scalp massage

  • PNF techniques

  • hip balancing

  • qi healing transmission

  • essential oil therapy

  • body buffering